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Credit payout of strike quests has been adjusted to the following: T1 2500 Credits, T2 4300 Credits and T3 5200 Credits.

Station Defense Heroic now has elite enemies to make it more difficult. These elite enemies have twice as much hull and armor as their regular counterparts.


The repeating side quests (Kill 50 Cangacians, Kill 100 Cangacians, Kill 200 Cangacians etc.) no longer drop rewards below their own tier.

Liaison quest rewards have been tweaked. Quests asking you to complete missions may now give out 300 ore instead of refined materials. Quests asking you to donate resources now have a different reward table from the other liaison quests. This includes:

  • -A higher chance of dropping officers and with higher rarities.
  • -May give you rare ores (D) or rare earths.
  • -They don’t drop research projects, unlike “complete missions” quests.
  • -May give you rare flagship blueprints, just like “complete missions” quests do.


There are now epic versions of signals and one liaison mission. These missions are rare and have enemies of higher rarities that are more difficult to defeat. As they are harder, they also drop better rewards than regular signals. The following missions have epic variants:

  • -Cangacian Signals
  • -Tanoch Signals
  • -Yaot Signals
  • -Pirate Expulsion

The contents of the salvage containers found in some signal missions have been adjusted. They may now contain:

  • -Common: Credits
  • -Uncommon: Ores or refined materials
  • -Rare: Uncommon+ blueprints


Station areas now have improved layouts, as well as more diverse patrols and some additional decorative assets.

Furthermore, the Yaot faction now have their own station models.


Enemies and players will spawn on more diverse points now.

Furthermore, the random encounters have been improved and missing encounters for the Tanoch have been added. You will no longer need to scan for missions only to find Tanoch ships for side quests.


Promotion packs have a new icon.

Images of missions will appear in some Quest and Chapter UI.

The ship rarity color is now visible in the gameplay HUD, and the visibility of the rarity is now more visible in the details view.

Ships and weapons now display the weapon/damage type as indicators.



The generic names previously used for flagship turrets have been replaced by new names.

  • -Small Kinetic Turret -> K-A3 Turret
  • -Medium Kinetic Turret -> Twin Javelin Turret
  • -Large Kinetic Turret -> Karos-8 Battery
  • -Light Missile Cluster -> Type 5 Launchpad
  • -Standard Missile Cluster -> Colchis Launch Cluster
  • -Heavy Fusion Missile Launcher -> Thundercloud Launch Complex
  • -Medium Ion Cannon -> Crimson-4 Array
  • -Large Ion Cannon -> Fleet Model X2 Battery
  • -Small Repair Turret -> REL-12 Matter Projector
  • -Medium Repair Turret -> REL-12DX Twin Matter Projector

Furthermore, the first iteration of names for Pulsar Turrets have been reworked.

  • -LT-S-4s Pulsar -> LT-4 Mag Pointer
  • -DR-A-3A Mag Pulsar -> DR-3 Mag Repeater
  • -NK-X-5A Hev Pulsar -> Twin DR-M Mag Lance


New Officer skills have been added to the pool. Note that some skills are only available to higher rarities:

  • -Increased targeting range for escorts (Operators)
  • -Increased Pulsar hull damage (Uncommon+ Gunners)
  • -Increased Pulsar armor damage (Uncommon+ Gunners)
  • -Increased Pulsar weapon range (Uncommon+ Gunners)
  • -Decreased chance to be hit for fighters, effectively increasing evasion (Uncommon+ Pilots)
  • -Decreased chance to be hit for corvettes (Uncommon+ Pilots)
  • -Operator has been increased from 5% to 10%
  • -Scientist has been decreased from 15% to 10%

Operators now have a 90% chance of having an active skill.

Some active skills have been moved to uncommon+. Existing officers are not affected by this change. The moved skills are EMP Round, Fusion Missile and Repair Burst. The skills Missile Barrage, Ion Cannon Shot and Kinetic Burst remain at common+.


Tanoch Plasma Bomber has now more hull and armor than the Interceptor

Tanoch Plasma Bomber: 12% more hull and armor

Tanoch Interceptor: 8% less hull and armor

All T2 enemies have now 3% more hull, armor, damage and armor damage

All T3 enemies have now 5% more hull, armor, damage and armor damage

Increased hull and armor of the Hiigaran Battle Cruiser by 10%


  T1: Decreased hull from 45500 to 45000

  T3: Increased armor from 12000 to 12100


For this patch, we primarily focused on improving performance and stability throughout the game, which should help alleviate many of the issues reported after the last update. Additionally, we have the following fixes:

  • -Playing and completing Pahra’s Rock should not trigger any freezes or error messages.
  • -The cutscenes in Station Defense strikes and the Tanochet mission now correctly show the different ships, stations, and beacons.
  • -The Flagship health bar should no longer desync when switching flagships/loadout in trading stations.
  • -Added a ‘%’ sign next to Rare Earth Chance values (player request).
  • -First asteroid cluster in a system now has the ‘Alpha’ prefix again (player request).
  • -Side missions should complete as intended and rewards are collected once.
  • -Changing the fleet loadout no longer plays the wrong VO.
  • -Officer portraits should no longer show in low resolution.
  • -Kiith Paktu now correctly applies +10% to fabrication cost.
  • -The bottom Turret on ships that have one now points in the correct direction.
  • -SFX now correctly play when tapping on ‘GRP’ buttons.
  • -Cangacian Frigates now drop the correct loot by tier.
  • -Cangacian Corvettes no longer drop Medium Loot, but Strikecraft Loot.
  • -Tier 2 and Tier 3 Tanoch Assault Frigates have correct power increase by tier.
  • -The Icons for Insignias should no longer be pixelated.
  • -Ghostships in “Collect Relics” missions should no longer have a pink team color.
  • -Matched Subtitles and audio in cutscenes.
  • -The Medic should now have a proper icon.
  • -Progenitor Drone and Mover should have an engine sound again.


Reports of players being unable to log into the game and consistently getting timeouts until modifying the loadout

Officers fail to be generated and are stuck in ‘onboarding’ state

Apple users may occasionally experience login issues – the workaround is to uninstall and reinstall Test Flight.


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