Please remember to update the Homeworld Mobile App for the new 0.2.27 version for Android!

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– PvP is available for a limited time in three systems: Edowana (Tier 1), Guijinar (Tier 2), and Kredulsa (Tier 3).

– Do not enter these systems if you do not want to participate in PvP.

– There is a chance for high purity Asteroids in the three PvP systems.

– All units will be hostile in these systems. Currently, there are no exceptions for friends or similar Kiith.

– When you destroy NPC ships, there is a chance for salvage drops when destroying other players’ ships.

– The size of the salvage boxes is dependent on the unit types destroyed.

– Similar to PvE combat (against NPCs), all ships can be destroyed, besides your Flagship


Similar to the Pioneer Packs, all Adamant & Booster Packs will be granted again after the game progress reset that will happen before the live launch of Homeworld Mobile.


– New Adamant Packs have been added to the market.


– New Booster Packs have been added to the market.

– These Booster packs can be acquired once a day.

– The Currency Booster Pack contains 400 Adamant and 100k Credits.

– The T1 Rare Earth Booster Pack contains 350 CS, 180 YY, and 60k Credits.

– The T2 Rare Earth Booster Pack requires level 6, it contains 220 LA, 360 CE, 150 PR, and 100k Credits.


– An Epic Officer Recruitment Token is available once per week for Adamant.

– The Blueprint for a T3 Advanced Interceptor Squadron requires level 28 and is available once per day for Adamant.

– The Blueprint for a T3 Advanced Plasma Bomber Squadron requires level 28 and is available once per day for Adamant.

– The Blueprint for a T3 Elite Ion Cannon requires level 28 and is available once per day for Adamant.


– When stashing items from your inventory, you now have a slider to move more items of the same kind at once.

– Permanent Blueprints are not shown in the market anymore, once you acquired them, because you can only get them once anyway.

– The Relic Signature mission objective has changed from finding an artifact in a probe to a shipwreck.

– In scanned missions, there is a chance of additional salvage boxes that drop in the battlefield which can be picked up with your Resource Collector.

– We applied some improved graphics to the Internal View, System View and Galaxy View.

– You can use Adamant to speed up processes, like Fabrication, by 50%.


– The range of repair modules for the T2 Explorer “Mohaava” have increased.

– Fixed an issue were some Assault Frigate variants had one turret.

– Fixed an issue that some variants of Destroyers had missing turrets, missing torpedo launchers, lower power.

– The basic stats of an Advanced Destroyer are now higher than those of a basic version.

– XP rewards gained by Liaison missions and Strikes are now shown properly in the UI.

– Chat notifications disappear as intended.

– The correct tier symbol is now shown in the strike mission tab.

– When opening boxes, the button text is displayed as ‘open all’ if you have less than 15 boxes to open.

– Skyboxes are now displayed properly on all devices.


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