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– Added a button to the sub-menu of the Flagship in the Unit Tray, enabling you to launch/dock all units simultaneously.

– Dismantling items is a new option in your storage to gain resources. For now, you can dismantle squads and modules which will grant you 25% of the original production costs.

– An “Emergency Jump” button is now available in missions in the upper right corner, allowing you to jump out of dangerous situations. The Emergency Jump will send you to the Trading Station or System Navigation Point of the system you’re currently in.

– The Stash system is now faster and allows for much larger stacks: Intermediate products = 4,000 instead of 200; Insignias = 99,999 instead of 200.

– When opening boxes, the names of the received items are shown in an animation.

– Weapon blueprints with prefixes such as elite, etc. now stack.


– In the previous update, the damage of the Flagship’s Missile Barrage skill has been increased. To represent this change visually, the number of missiles displayed has been increased.

– Movement of Torpedo projectiles have been adjusted for all units using Torpedoes.

– AI Update: NPCs and your own fleet now choose their targets based on their weapon’s effectiveness against the enemy units.

– Renamed “Ship Weapon Range” as “Targeting Range”.


– New procedural planets and moons have been added.

– Procedural Nebulas now enrich the skyboxes.

– An upcoming territory is now visible as a preview on the Galaxy Map.

– Systems that contain multiple Asteroid Clusters, Trading Stations, and Procedural Missions now show unique names for each spot by adding Alpha or Beta.


– Strike difficulties: Normal strikes will no longer use a prefix and difficult ones have been renamed as ‘Heroic’.

– Experience gained from strikes have been reduced from 300 to 60 (normal), and 450 to 90 (heroic).

Pahra’s Rock is now unlocked alongside T2 strikes.

Pahra’s Rock difficulty has increased. Some scouts were removed and some Frigates were added. The defense platforms will withstand more damage than before.


– The Pirate missions A Proper Shakedown, Meropis Defense and The Pool have been moved to the system Ekaam Nar.

– The Liaison Mission has increased Credit drops to match Scanned Mission drops.

– Higher Tier Liaison quests can now award more faction experience.


– Dismissing an Officer now rewards 10 times more Credits.

– Dismissing an Officer now grants more Insignias.


– Added new rarity versions for Destroyers: Uncommon for T2, Uncommon & Rare for T3. Limited blueprints can be found as rewards in T2/T3 strikes.

– The relative increase of Hull and Armor across tiers is now the same for all units, excluding Flagships.

– All rarities of ships and weapons now increase Hull, Armor, Hull Damage, and Armor Damage with a multiplicator based on their rarity. Beforehand, only selected values were increased, depending on the ship type.

– Compared to the normal versions, “uncommon” have 120%, “rare” have 140%, and “epic” have 160% of the basic values (see note above). For example, if a normal ship has 100 hull, the rare version will have 140.

– Increased hull of T1 Plasma Bombers from 700 to 1000.

– Reduced the range for T2 Ion Cannon Frigates from 80 to 70, and for T3 from 100 to 80.

– Reduced the range for Light Missile Turrets from 60 to 50 (medium and heavy turrets remain unaffected).

– Upgrading repair turrets now increases the armor repair, which also increases with tiers.

– The range of medium repair turrets was increased from 50 to 60.

– The repair speed of T2 & T3 Resource Collectors was increased to match the increase of weapons across tiers.

– The speed, acceleration & deceleration of all units’ engines were increased, except for Yaot Deep Space Torpedoes and Iyatequa Freighters.

– Scans have been adjusted, making it more intuitive to interpret the stats. Besides upgrading scanners, now also higher tiers are reflected by the strength and reliability values.

– The system of being ‘overburdened’ has been simplified to avoid confusion. The moment you use just one storage slot too much, all restrictions will be applied (such as the ability of playing missions, buying something in the market, etc.)


– There is a new reward screen that appears at the end of every mission.

– A new button lets you “skip” the animation of units docking to your Flagship before jumping out.

– Auto-Camera now has the “lock-on” feature, focusing on the selected object. This way you can follow any entity listed in the target lists. You can turn it off in your profile settings.

– Your Escorts should no longer have a distorted texture when entering or leaving hyperspace.

– The confirmation popup when changing loadouts or modules, etc., has been removed. If a reload is needed, the game instantly performs it.

– The “speed-up” button (e.g., in your fabricators) is now highlighted when available.

– The tutorial flow of the Wiracoda Gate and Duzumi Gate missions have been improved for new players.


– The Flagship’s Health Indicator at the bottom on the screen now correctly indicates when you are taking damage.

– Squadrons no longer spawn outside of the map when you launch a squadron from the Flagship while another squad is docking.

– Repair modules now correctly repair all damaged Escorts and Resource Collectors.

– Pop up message properly indicates when the storage capacity is full.

– Docking and undocking four (4) Resource Collectors doesn’t cause performance issues.

– Squads now correctly effect the overall fleet’s Gearscore shown in the Strike Lobby and your profile.

– ‘Auto Mine’ function now sends only the selected resource controller.

– The ‘side’ rewards obtained in strikes (i.e., ‘large cargo’) now match the tier of the strike.

– Liaison mission rewards now match the missions’ tier.

– The main reward “Fleet of Rams Spoils” of the T2 Strike “Pahra’s Rock” is now properly labeled as T2.

– Several blueprint pictures have been updated to indicate the correct tier.

– Mituul’s Trading Stations now have liaison missions.

– The arrows in the CMN and MSN tabs will correctly change between ‘collapsed’ and ‘expanded’ states.

– Kinetic weapons research should apply correctly to all kinetic turrets.

– After buying the Hiigaran Recruitment token in the market, the correct Adamant amount is shown in the confirmation screen.

– The mission objective texts for the “Intermediate Products” steps inside the missions “Improved Ships/Fleet/Flagship” now mentions the Tier of the needed products.

– Fixed a bug in which the Flagship sometimes didn’t change after applying a new Flagship to an empty loadout and then switching to that loadout.

– Tier 2 and Tier 3 research schematics are now properly awarded by levelling up.

– The Tanoch Destroyer will now appear with his proper texture during its hyperspace jump animation in the _Jolja_ mission.

– An issue with infinite loading on the ‘Waiting for Login’ screen has been fixed for players who have more than one Google account linked to ‘Google Play Games’.

– When entering the Bridge, the correct tab will be highlighted on the left side and not the tab which was active when you left the Bridge the last time.

– Tapping on the INT button and immediately pressing another button, will not result in overlapping UI elements anymore.

– New players who already destroyed enough ships when the side mission “Cangacian Raider Fleets” shows up, do not need to destroy an additional ship in order to complete the quest.

– An issue with an intended finger dragging icon being displayed has been resolved for ‘Wiracoda Gate’ and ‘Gulf Taln’ mission.

– The fleet UI is disabled during the intro cutscene for “Pahra’s Rock”.

– Zooming in and out is now correctly disabled while in internal screens.

– A probe can only be collected once during Probe missions.


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