Update and Patch Notes: Version 0.2.10


Please remember to update the Homeworld Mobile App for the new version Android 0.2.10!

Make sure to join our community Discord to report more bugs and give us your feedback!



– You can now organize your fleet into distinct squads that you can give individual orders.

– Find the GRP icon in the top right corner to start. We will post an in-depth tutorial on this feature soon.


– You can now select to display the amount of damage a ship has accumulated over the last few seconds.


– Fleet Loadout System contains three presets that are individually configurable.

– You can find more details in the latest Transmissions from the Team.


– Device performance is now improved; including reduced battery consumption/heating and improved game performance.


– We have added 6 new T3 Systems to the Nimbus Galaxy.

– Three are owned by the Iyatequa and three are owned by the Yaot.



– The Deep Space Yaot torpedoes cause 50% less damage to hull and armor.

– The speed of the Deep Space Yaot torpedoes has been reduced.

– Two enemy Assault Frigates have been removed from the mission.

– The difficulty of this mission has been decreased.


– The Temples defenses have been altered to allow for easier passage on the left.

– We removed two assault frigates from the final fight.

– The defense platforms on Temple Tonaati have been switched from Cangacian to Tanoch.

– The difficulty of this mission has been decreased.


– T2 and T3 scanned missions now give out tier appropriate rewards.

– The mission awarding Raab S’jet now also grants Credits and Insignias.

– Consumable Blueprints have replaced Insignias for main Strike rewards.

– Enemies in the Pirate Hideout Strike (normal) have been reduced.

– Your Ally joins you one wave earlier during Jolja mission.

– Small Hull Parts for T2 Blueprints are now unlocked during the New Resources mission.



– Electronics Parts for all Tiers

– Light Missile Cluster T3

– Light Twin Battery

– Level requirements have been reduce for T2 Blueprints in the Market i.e. the Interceptor now requires level 6 instead of 17.



– Increased the general hit chance against Fighters and Corvettes.

– The rate of Damage against armor (i.e the Gearscore visible in the strike lobby) has been reduced.

– Beam Weapons now deal significantly more damage against Fighters and Corvettes.

– Torpedos now deal significantly more damage against Frigates, Fighters, and Corvettes.

– Beam Weapons now deal less damage against Flagships.


– Missile damage has been increased by 66%.

– Missile range has been increased by 10.

– Missiles now deal extra damage against Destroyers, Flagships, and Command ships.


– Added a number of highlights to help new players during the tutorial.

– Improved the visualization of the Health Bars and added Separator Bars.

– Research is now grayed out until you can start your first project.

– Small, Medium and Large Salvage reward boxes now have the correct icons.

– Dialogue that needs to be tapped to continue a mission now flashes.


– Blueprint icon now indicates its Tier.

– Blueprint categories have been color coded.

– Blue = Ships

– Red = Turrets

– Yellow = Intermediates

– Green = External Modules


– Reduced the construction time for T1 Frigates.

– Increased the amount of Credits and Adamant given as level-up rewards.

– Increased the contents of the Large Credits pack in the market from 300k to 400k credits.

– Increased the size of the Flagship inventory to 70.

– The speed, health, and armor of Freighters has been slightly reduced.

– Scanned missions are now rewarded with more credits.

– Reduced the time it takes to craft a Small Intermediate Product from ~60 seconds to ~40 seconds.

– A Game News banner has been added to the intro screen.

– The camera angle no longer resets after opening the sensor view.

– A splash screen has been added to  reduce issues with the game crashing on start-up.

– The app has been updated.

– Cinematics are now skippable. Note: We plan to add a library where you can rewatch all cinematics.

– Added nine new loading screen hint messages to help new players.


– Officer skills now work as intended during Temple Tonaati mission.

– Tier 2 and Tier 3 procedural missions drop rewards (Tokens of Gratitude) for the correct Tier.

– Enemies and Salvage in Liaison Missions have the Tier corresponding to the Mission Tier.

– Random encounters in T3 space now spawn T3 enemies.

– Movement commands given to Flagships and Escorts now work as intended after traveling around entities such as pirate bases, trading stations, etc.

– Heavy Twin Ion Turrets now give the intended amount of damage.

– Procedural missions will disappear from the target list.

– Pirate Expulsion missions now correctly disappear from the target list after completion.

– Kinetic Hull damage and Kinetic Armor damage research bonuses are now applied correctly.

– Push notifications respond when processes, like Refining and Fabrication, are complete.

– Trader Ships have the correct icons.

– The Khar-Kaalad and Riif-Sa in the Tutorial now have all modules, including engines.

– When you begin a strike the message ‘x has started the strike’ is shown rather than ‘x has left the lobby’.

– Chat notifications will no longer show for your own messages.

– Processes on inactive flagships are now paused. Note: This is not entirely fixed yet. At times, items may seem ready to collect; however, they will not be collectible until the needed time has passed.

– Squads and Escorts should no longer attack enemies if ‘Automatic Battle Mode’ is set to ‘Off’. Note: When attacked, your units will defend themselves. Please report any issues you encounter regarding this option.

– Liaison mission hyperlinks now open the specific mission in the system view target list.

– Civilian ships in rescue and Escort Missions now have the tier corresponding to the mission tier.

– In rescue and escort missions, you now have enough time to reach the civilian ship before it is destroyed. Note: Further fixes will come to the civilian rescue missions in future updates.

– Elite and Epic weapon modules and repair modules now display the correct icons.

– The stash now shows the correct amount of resources when retrieving items.

– Health bars on top of ships are hidden when at 100% health or when you open the ‘Internal’ menu.

– The ‘Clear local cache’ button now works as intended.


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