Please remember to update the Homeworld Mobile App for the new 0.2.37 version for Android and iOS (for participating FIG Backers and previous Technical Testers).

Make sure to join our community Discord to report more bugs and give us your feedback!


– T3 Battlecruiser: A new model has been added. In case you already owned a T3 Battlecruiser, the former placeholder model was replaced.

– New Pulsar Weapon systems have been added. Blueprints for the small version can be found in the Market, the medium version can be found in Signal Missions, and the large module is a possible T3 Strike reward.

– 3 factions now offer certain ships (see below).

– Animations, performance, and FX improvements have been made for all turrets and weapons.


– With Liaison Requisitions, 3 Faction Markets are now available for Tanoch, Iyatequa and Yaot.

– These Markets are separate from the Trading Station Market, located in the Liaison Office.

– You can unlock special items like containers and blueprints by unlocking the appropriate reputation level of the faction.

– The reputation needed can be gained by completing Liaison Missions.


– Upon community requests following PvP testing, entering a PvP area is now restricted to tiers.

– Your tier is determined by the highest tier of any active object in your fleet (Flagship, Escorts, Squads, external modules). Items in your storage do not count.

– PvP is available for a limited time in three systems: Edowana (Tier 1), Guijinar (Tier 2), and Kredulsa (Tier 3).

– Do not enter these systems if you do not want to participate in PvP.

– There is a chance for high purity Asteroids in the three PvP systems.

– All units will be hostile in these systems. Currently, there are no exceptions for friends or similar Kiith.

– When you destroy NPC ships, there is a chance for salvage drops when destroying other players’ ships.

– The size of the salvage boxes is dependent on the unit types destroyed.

– Similar to PvE combat (against NPCs), all ships can be destroyed other than your Flagship.


– For a limited time, the legendary Tier 2 Explorer Mohaava is available in the market.

– The Flagship has a unique skin that won’t change based on your Kiith.

– The Tier 2 Explorer Mohaava is a strong healing unit. It has 3 special repair turrets that are permanent mounts. The three (3) other turret slots (1x medium, 2x small) can be equipped with weapon modules of your preference.


– Tier 2 Side Questline “Keid” has been added.

– Tier 3 Side Questline “Ytep” has been added.


– The Mission UI has been completely overhauled, and now displays chapters.

– You can view all ‘completed’ projects under the research module.

– The UI for ship side view navigation has been updated.

– The Stash UI has been updated to reflect Storage.

– Officers, Loadout, and Storage have been matched to share the same UI/UX flow.

– The rarity information has been added to item cards and removed from item names to shorten them.


– Research project bonuses that increase the chance of Rare Earth Elements (REE) have been increased. Please note that a bonus is a multiplicator and not absolute addition. E.g., if you have a 10% base chance, a 10% bonus means you’ll increase the chance to 11%.

– Increased the damage for pirate missile defense platform turrets.

– The speedup costs now vary by tier and factory module used.

– Salvage drop chances for Command Ships and Destroyers have been doubled.

– Cangacian Frigates now drop medium salvage boxes as intended.

– The hangars of the T2 legendary Flagship “Mohaava” were changed from T3 to T2 to match the Flagship’s tier.


– The in-game gift sent out on January 31st is now claimable.

– Kinetic Burst now works as intended after completing kinetic-related researches.

– Opening the Galaxy view no longer causes a severe FPS drop.

– The “Unable to initialize the Unity Engine” and “Not enough storage space to install required resources” error messages no longer appear when trying to start the game.

– The exit button for the webview banner should now always close the banner on game start.

– Attempted a fix for the black grid graphical glitch – please let us know if this has resolved the issue for your device or not.

– The number of units allowed in an instance is no longer permanently limited after a player has left the bubble. No need to dock your collectors before leaving a bubble!

– Applied a fix that should prevent edge cases of having an empty stash shown while items are visible.

– The Path of the Exile quest line should now be available for players who have already completed Temple Tonaati (the first quest is called “A Test of Might”).

– Plasma Bomber squadrons are now properly affected by the “Fighter Engines” researches.

– Research that was started on one Flagship cannot be started again on a different Flagship.

– Credit and Time requirements should now always show in Fabrication / Refining.

– The Kiith Somtaaw in the Kiith selection screen now shows the correct text.

– Player names and Flagship health bars no longer overlap.

– Device notifications should no longer appear twice.

– Enemy ships should now start engaging with your ships as soon as they are in range.

– Fixed a crash that occurred when sending a Resource Collector to pick up a probe and then docking.

– Time and credits required to complete a process should always be shown (and not disappear sometimes).

– Mission completion screen should no longer appear too early in Pirate Expulsion missions.

– Fixed an issue where the flagship was seen drifting in Wiracoda Gate and Probe Retrieval missions (AKA Homeworld Tokyo Drift).


– Upon request from the community, the Global Chat is now also available when you are in a Strike Lobby.

– Insignia packs are now available in the market for Adamant.

– All texts with “schematics” have been replaced by “blueprints” for clarification.

– Flagship Blueprints are now unlocked by quest completion rather than by level, to prevent you getting stuck in the “Build T2 explorer” step.

– Over a dozen new Officer portraits have been added.

– Consumable Blueprints for Flagships can now be acquired multiple times in the Market.


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