UPDATE 0.1.114, May-03

Please remember to update the Homeworld Mobile App for the new version!

:mobile_phone: iOS: 0.1.114

:android: Android: 0.1.114


► New: Fleet Loadout

We are continuing to provide more UI updates. You’ll now have a better way to manage your Squads and Escorts. The entire fleet can now be seen on one (1) screen for the Flagship, Escorts & Squads.



► Reworked Squad Logic (part 1)

You no longer have to build or buy single strikecraft units anymore. From now on, you’ll always have a full squad while damaged ones are automatically repaired the moment they dock in the Flagship. More improvements are coming soon.

► Flagship Skill Buttons

Before this update, the weapon skill buttons of your Flagship were always active (tappable), no matter if enemies were in range or not. Now, the buttons turn active, the moment an enemy is in range (if the weapon is also ready = no cooldown).

► Assault Corvettes

Fix: T1 & T2 ships now have different stats, of course, T2 is better. 😉

► Plasma Bombers

The bonuses of Plasma Bombers have been updated. Instead of having a hull damage bonus against enemies, advanced Plasma Bombers now have more hull themselves. Elite units now have hull damage bonus instead of hull bonus.

► Ion Cannons

We applied some balancing changes to Ion Cannons. They now deal more damage but have a slightly longer cooldown. In total, you now deal more damage than before.



► Weapon Range Logic

The Weapon Range Logic has been reworked. All weapons now share one range which is defined by the Fire Control Range – a stat of your Flagship. Please note that this change also applies to enemy ships, you may experience a slightly different behavior. Due to this change, the Hiigaran Assault Frigate has a bigger range now, for example.

► Weapon Range Visualization

The Sensor Manager and Combat view have been extended with a new visualization that indicates the range of your weapons.

For more details about these two important changes, please read the recent letter from the team about “Weapon Range Rework” in our #test-diary.

► New Indication of enemies out of range

Another new feature is a visualization in the Sensor Manager that supports you by locating enemies outside of your sensor range. There’s also an article with more details about it in our #test-diary.

New Weapon Range visualization



► Persistent Health

We’ve decided to add more realism by giving your ships persistent health, particularly the Flagship & Escorts. That way these units won’t auto-heal anymore by hyper jumping. Additional changes support you with repairs on the other side (see below).

► Auto-healing at stations

Parallel to the persistent health, you’ll be healed automatically when visiting a safe (trading) station. A fixed percentage now gets healed every tick. This way the maximum duration is the same for everyone, no matter how much absolute hull and armor it has (avoiding disadvantages for big ships).

► Resource Collectors

As requested by the Community, your Resource Collectors can repair the hull and armor (not only armor).


► New Voice Over

The placeholder speaker got replaced by a professional voice actor. All cinematics will be updated. We plan to follow the Community request and will implement an option to replay cinematics in the future.

► Improved in-game Notifications

The visual appearance of in-game notifications has been improved. You should now be able to easily locate available rewards or items that have completed construction.


:adhesive_bandage: BUG FIXES

► Misc. Value/Display Issues – Several issues with wrong construction costs or wrong times displayed in the UI have been updated. Some cases might still be existent, so please share your feedback with us!

► Bonuses of research – A display issue has been fixed that affected the bonuses of research objects you gained by level-ups. The UI now displays the bonuses you unlocked with such research objects for weapons that are used on strike crafts and escort ships.

► Stack parts in stash – A display issue has been fixed that occasionally happened when sending stack parts from the storage to your stash. Now the correct amount should be displayed in the stash instantly, you won’t have to restart the app anymore.

► Changing Modules – When replacing a module with another one, the slot icon on the left side will now instantly update, showing the correct (active) module.

► Research Officer – When changing a Research Officer, the UI will now display research times, effects, & bonuses instantly without the need to switch screens.

► Shipyard: Building Units – Required credits are now displayed on the Shipyard construction screen. This resolved having all materials, while displaying an inactive build button. The reason was that required credits were not displayed.

► App won’t start at activation – A bug has been fixed that could cause the app not to start when reactivating it from the background.

► Adding units to Squads – A stacking issue of squad units has been fixed with the new squad management system (see above).

The entire team wishes you an awesome weekend (in Homeworld Mobile)!


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