Timo Explains The New Fleet Loadouts Feature

Hello commanders!

My name is Timo and I am part of the Programming Team working on Homeworld Mobile. Together with my close colleague, Dennis, I am eager to tell you about the new Fleet Loadouts feature we have worked on together. In the past, switching between Flagships and their assigned officers and modules had been a struggle. We have been working on a solution for the current version, and think we are are ready to share a behind the scenes look on how it works!


In the previous iteration of the game, you had to reassign anything to your Flagship manually- be it an Officer, a Weapon Module, or an Escort. This can quickly become tedious, so we came up with an improvement. The main goal was to streamline the entire process of switching between Flagships to simplify different setups for different purposes.

With the new update, you will now have three different Fleet Loadouts you can configure individually. Within each loadout, you will be able to arrange your Officers, Escorts, and Squads. Once you switch to a different Flagship, you will be able to assign a Fleet Loadout so the entire setup will be adjusted. You’ll find the option to edit your Loadouts at the Trading Stations.


Part of this is an overhaul of the Crew Management. You will now be able to see your entire Crew on one screen, regardless of the ship they are assigned to. The UI will tell you which load-out each Officer is appointed to, so you can keep track of them more easily. The same logic applies to your Weapon Modules.


This is only the beginning of the new Loadouts feature. We are already thinking about how to improve the UI and possible extensions to the feature. Some ideas include Idle Loadouts which aim to make your inactive Flagships more useful. Last, but certainly not least, we want to get rid of the need to reload the game each time a Flagship or Escort is swapped.

We hope you enjoy the new Fleet Loadouts and other improvements in the latest update.

See you in Space!


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