Officers are a core element of Homeworld Mobile. Depending on their assignment they can speed up your research, add special attacks to your Flagship, or increase your chances of finding rare elements while mining. Ian dives into Officer basics and improvements in our latest transmission. To increase flexibility and make the Officers feel more organic, […]

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Hey everyone! This is Ian, Game Designer on Homeworld Mobile.  Today I want to give you a look into the Liaison Requisitions available in the Liaison Office.  I’m sure many of you are already very familiar with the Liaison Office itself. The friendly factions of the Nimbus Galaxy offer contract work you can complete to […]

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Since Homeworld 2, the Hiigaran Destroyer has been used for anti-Frigate combat. While this main feature of this Capital ship remains, the team has made a few adjustments to make it better suited for the Nimbus Galaxy. From its inspirations to its changes, Daniel and the Art Team will introduce the three latest additions you […]

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Timo Explains The New Fleet Loadouts Feature

Hello commanders! My name is Timo and I am part of the Programming Team working on Homeworld Mobile. Together with my close colleague, Dennis, I am eager to tell you about the new Fleet Loadouts feature we have worked on together. In the past, switching between Flagships and their assigned officers and modules had been […]

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Sebastian Explains Performance Improvements

Hello Commanders!  There has been a lot of feedback about device performance in Homeworld Mobile. I want to assure you that we are aware of these concerns, and are looking to improve them in future updates.   Players will be excited that the first set of major improvements are expected to roll out soon. While a 3D […]

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Daniel introduces the Tug Ship

Some of you already might know Daniel from the art AMA of the prior technical test. Today, he introduces the Tug Ship! Hello everyone! For those who joined our test recently, I’m Daniel, the Lead Artist & Art Director of Homeworld Mobile. I am in charge of the major graphical aspects of the project and […]

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