Officers are a core element of Homeworld Mobile. Depending on their assignment they can speed up your research, add special attacks to your Flagship, or increase your chances of finding rare elements while mining. Ian dives into Officer basics and improvements in our latest transmission.

To increase flexibility and make the Officers feel more organic, we implemented a deterministic procedural generation for officers using various factors. This system allows us to determine the scope of values but doesn’t take away our ability to create preset Officers. Creating preset Officers will allow us to continue rewarding you with story characters.

The same system allows us to generate random and preset Officers. Parameters we did not define are randomly generated by an algorithm. Parameters we do set will be the same every time the officer is generated. We can even assign a special seed to an Officer, meaning its attributes will be rolled procedurally, but they will be identical for each player. This is useful for one-off characters we may add later that should level up the same for each player, instead of randomly.

By doing this each Officer is unique and although they sometimes share portraits or names each Officer’s combination of face, name, attributes, and skills is unique in your Fleet.


Attributes comprise three special stats: Physical, Mind, and Aerospace. These attributes increase an officer’s performance at a specific workplace. For example, an officer with a high Physical stat raises the damage output of a Kinetic Turret they are assigned to. All workplaces have their definitions of which attribute will be needed and which stat will be boosted.


Skills are special buffs an Officer can apply to the workplace they are assigned to. Skills will only be active if the Officer is assigned to the proper Workplace. A skill useful for the Refinery won’t do much good in the Laboratory. Different job classes have a different pool of skills. A Weapon Specialist will not be able to gain a Research Skill, for example.

Some officers of the class “Operator” have active skills. These skills are only active in The Bridge and require a specific type of Turret to function. When the requirements are met, these abilities can be used in battle.


Officer’s skills and attributes can be increased by leveling officers up. For every 10th level, the officer will need to be promoted to level up further. While level-ups increase the officer’s attributes, a promotion increases the officers’ skills and raises the chances of them gaining a second skill.

Both leveling up and promotions require a special kind of resource: Insignias. Insignias are an abstract representation of both the experience of your crew, but also your own ability to command. Insignias come in ranks — the same as the officer ranks — and are used to level up and promote officers of the same rank.

Officers will appear in various rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary — the latter is reserved for unique characters. Higher rarities grant improved skills and have increased chances for some skills to become available for an officer either through creation or promotion. Higher rarity officers also have a higher chance of learning a second skill upon promotion. On the flip side, higher rarity officers require more insignias to level up and promote them.

Insignias are rewards from many assignments. If you are running low on Insignias or you have more officers than you need you can also dismiss officers from your crew. Doing so gives you a few Insignias back which you can use to level up and promote your other officers.


With the update in April 2022, we will also add new skills to the pool as well as make some slight adjustments to the odds of rolling a certain skill or officer.

Gunners will now have the chance of rolling skills that buff pulsars, while Pilots may now have the ability to increase the evasion of squads they are assigned to through evasive maneuvers, making it harder to hit them. These skills are only available to officers of their respective class and only for rarities uncommon and higher.

The odds of getting Operator officers have been increased. We noticed that the chance to get an officer with a battle skill was very low. In addition, the odds of getting a battle skill have been increased as well, so when you gain an Operator, they are now more likely to have a battle skill.

In addition, Operators gained a new possible skill: Increasing the targeting range of the escort they are assigned to. Operators of all rarities have a chance to have this skill.

I hope you enjoy the changes we made to the officers and good luck on your rolls.

Until next time,



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