Hey everyone! This is Ian, Game Designer on Homeworld Mobile. 

Today I want to give you a look into the Liaison Requisitions available in the Liaison Office. 

I’m sure many of you are already very familiar with the Liaison Office itself. The friendly factions of the Nimbus Galaxy offer contract work you can complete to get rewards, and more importantly, Reputation Points. 

While the Liaison Office itself remains unchanged, Reputation Points will now impact gameplay! 

This changes with a new addition to the game — Liaison Requisitions. There you’ll find various items offered by the factions. These can include resource crates or blueprints. The items unlock individually with increasing levels of Reputation. 


Each faction also specializes in different items, which you can check out below! 

Focusing on Resources, the Iyatequa offers special Resource Controllers. While they are based on the Hiigaran version, they utilize special Iyatequa tech. Namely each has a different remote mining time and yield. The Gilded Short-Term Controller mines for only 2 hours, but has a higher yield per hour. While the Gilded Long-Term Controller mines for 8 hours, but has a lower yield per hour. This way you can optimize your mining based on your preference and time.

The Tanoch specialize in cheap ships and kinetics. Their Destroyer packs the same punch as a Hiigaran model, but is more fragile. On the plus side it requires less resources and time to construct. Their Kinetic Turrets have a lower range than regular turrets but fire faster — ideal for close combat. 

The Yaot prefer quality over quantity and offer some of their finest technology, like their Pulsar Fighter. Another item you’ll find is their Flagship-mounted Pulsar Launcher, which has a higher range and damage compared to their Hiigaran counterparts. 

Of course, each faction has more to offer than just two items. I will let you find out what else there is along the way. 


Note that some of the parts blueprints (hull, weapon, machinery and electronic parts) are now only available at the Liaison Requisitions. 

This new system allows you to work towards the item you want in a more direct way rather than grinding for salvage boxes and in the hopes of the right blueprint. Going forward we will expand the content for the liaison rewards with this in mind. 

I hope you enjoy the new Liaison Requisitions and the unique items you can acquire now with the new feature. Let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the future. 

See you in space, 



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