Daniel introduces the Tug Ship

Some of you already might know Daniel from the art AMA of the prior technical test. Today, he introduces the Tug Ship!

Hello everyone!

For those who joined our test recently, I’m Daniel, the Lead Artist & Art Director of Homeworld Mobile. I am in charge of the major graphical aspects of the project and have to ensure consistent style and quality of what our awesome art team creates. Besides that, I’m active as 3D, FX, texture, animation, and concept artist, sometimes also handling some technical tasks. As a huge fan of sci-fi, strategy games, and the Homeworld saga since 1999, I’m very excited to be a part of this project!

As Gleb explained earlier, we’re currently working on a new method in order to pick up specific items in space without the need of a Resource Collector. The solution is the new Tug Ship! If you want to pick up something like a cargo container, you simply tap on it and confirm a “pick up” order. This initiates a Tug Ship from your Flagship, which will deliver the container grabs to your Flagship. We’re discussing additional ideas and options, but I don’t want to spoil anything today (sorry).

For the ship and hull design, it’s important to match the distinct Hiigarian style and technology like the engines and mechanical arms. In this particular case, I decided to have electromagnetic caring gears at his front for “grabbing” items, because this solution will be more performant than complex models with mechanical arms. This solution also obviates potential positioning issues when the arms wouldn’t fit the cargo size properly.

Below you can check out the concept art for the new Tug Ship in Homeworld Mobile.

I hope these insights give you an impression of our work and decision making behind the scenes. Please share your opinion with us! I wish everyone a pleasant day.



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