Balance Update and Patch Notes: Version 0.2.10

The changes do not require an app update. Continue using Android version 0.2.10.

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-Blueprints for the new Hiigaran Destroyer Escort ships can be found in the Strike Rewards.


– Adjusted the Armor and Hull values of Flagships to focus on Armor. Some have a weaker Hull, but all Flagships now have stronger Armor, so that Armor-breaking weapons are more effective.

– On T3 Flagships, the Hull and Armor have been increased.


– Interceptors are 17% faster so that they can confront enemies effecively.

– All StrikeCrafts deal more damage, including enemy ships.

– StrikeCrafts and Corvettes have stronger Hulls. For T1: Interceptor (650 -> 850), Plasma Bomber (550 -> 700), Assault Frigate (1700 -> 1900), Pulsar Corvette (1800 -> 2000). Higher tiers have been changed accordingly.

– The Epic Torpedo Frigate T3 was adjusted to reflect the intended T3 values.- The T2 & T3 Assault Frigates from Tanoch and Yaot have been slightly nerfed to better balance the differences between the tiers.

– The Epic Torpedo Frigate T3 was adjusted to reflect the intended T3 values.


– Missile barrage now shoots more projectiles, dealing approximately 5x the damage.

– The cooldown of all active skills has been reduced by 50%.

– The length of duration-based Active Skills, like Kinetic Burst, has been reduced by 50% to compensate for the cooldown reductions.


– The Armor/Hull damage ratio of Kinetic Turrets (Batteries) has been modified. While they now deal more Hull damage, the Armor damage was reduced. They are currently not as effective as Ion Cannons against armor.

– Adjusted Advanced Light Twin Batteries so that the bonus is applied.


– The T3 Elite unit no longer uses the incorrect mining speed & yield data. Thanks for your reports!

– The Hull and Armor have been increased for all Tiers. Your Collectors now withstand enemy attacks more easily to compensate for the extra damage dealt by Fighters.

– Resource Collectors are now a bit faster when mining in asteroids fields that are one Tier higher than the unit’s Tier. This will especially help when trying to reach new Tiers.


– The strength of Advanced, Elite and Epic ships and Turrets were improved in order to increase the rarity’s impact.

– It’s easier to enter Tier 2 (with T1 ships) as T2 Hull, Armor, and Damage bonuses were decreased from 200% to 175%

– T3 Hull, Armor, and Damage bonuses were increased from 300% to 305%

– To better reflect that the Yaot faction is highly specialized in Armor, their Armor and Hull rates have been increased.

– Fix for missing “Dock All” highlights in Wiracoda Gate.


– The Armor of the target Frigate in Duzumi Gate has been increased by 50%.

– The number of enemies in Gulf Taln has been reduced to 1 Interceptor and 1 Assault Corvette.


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