Balance Update and Patch Notes: October 28, 2021

The changes do not require an app update. Continue using Android version 0.2.10.

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– You can manage up to 10 squadrons.

– The Carrier has three (3) Refineries one (1) Fabricator and one (1) Laboratory.

– The Carrier Blueprint can be found in T3 Liaison rewards.

– If you already own a T3 Carrier, it will be converted into the new, more powerful model with adjusted internal and external modules (Hangar, Engine).


– Torpedo Frigates and Destroyers no longer turn towards the enemy to fire.

– The Armor of all Hiigaran Destroyers has been increased. I.e T1 now has 6,000 Armor.

– The damage of Hiigaran T2 & T3 Destroyers has been reduced.

– The Hull of all T2 and T3 Destroyers has been reduced.

– Plasma Bombers now deal more Armor damage (+40% in Tier 1).

– The speed of Plasma Bombers has been reduced to 550 to better distinguish this unit from Interceptors. – To make them more useful for scouting, the Sensor Range of Interceptors was increased by 133%.


– All T3 and T2 Flagships that had the previous setup of Tier 1 Refineries and Fabricators modules only have been updated to the correct internal module setup.

-If your Flagship had Refinery or Crafting processes activated during the update, these processes are now complete. You can find find the results in your inventory.

– Outstanding tasks for side quests and missions that were stalled have been completed and progress has been properly reflected.


– The Reward Tiers now match the Strike’s Tier.

– The Gearscore of Strikes has been adjusted to clearly reflect the difficulty.

– The Base Hull in _Pirate Hideout_ has been reduced, but now has six (6) times more Armor.


– We have improved visibility about the level requirements needed for the mission.

– The quests can now be completed using Advanced or Elite units in addition to Standard units.

– While required Tiers of units remains the same, building a T3 unit instead of a T2 one won’t count.


– Two (2) new tasks have been added to the beginning of each of the eight (8) Side Quests Lines.

– The newly added quests allow new players to access shorter lower-level missions at an earlier stage.

– E.g, the first Mining Quest now requires to mine 1,000 ore instead of 6,000.

– The first Mining Requests that requires to mine 6,000 ore is now the third Quest.

– Side Quests now account for prior progress. If a quest asks to “mine 3,000 minerals” it will check how much you have mined already, and include this in the total.


– The Credit Rewards in Strikes are now ten (10) times higher. I.e., 350 credits are now 3,500).

– The Credit payout from the Salvage of destroyed ships has been doubled. I.e., instead of 500 credits you now gain 1,000.


– The value of Rare Earths was doubled so that you now gain twice as many credits.

– You can now sell Insignias to earn credits. E. g. R1 = 500 credits, R2 = 1,000 credits, R3 = 1,500 credits.


– The main Rewards from Strikes now stack up to 99 units.

– The Agility of the Tanoch Battlecruiser was increased.

– The Heavy Twin Ion Cannon Turrets now display the correct icon and model.


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